Why Won't You Listen?


I'm too proud to cry in front of you.

I'm too proud to tell you how I feel.

But it hurts, and you should see it.

I hurt everyday.

It's not a hard pain,

It's a dull, acing pain,

A residual pain,

And you are the cause of it.

You who was meant to protect me.

You who was meant to love me.

You who was meant to take care of me.

You cause this pain.

And you can't see it.

Becuase my feelings, to you, are as insignificant

As a cent,

Or an ant.

It's so dismal to you, 

Thaty you leave to wallow in my pain. 

Then you add,

And add,

And add,

And add,

And there is nothing I can do to stop it.

It's like a knife in my side.

It's like when you stub your toe but a million times worse.

It's like no one cares for me,

And i'm supposed to be okay with it. 

But I'm not.

Each day I get closer and closer, 

To something I don't want to do.

But I can't deal with this anymore.

I trust no one.

I give no one my heart.

I love no one.

I care for no one.

I don't kow what to do anymore.

I give up.


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