Thu, 06/12/2014 - 19:30 -- AAFAN12


Above the earth we lay,

Slowly we decay and wash away,

Our voices never heard,

We lost our every word,

Theres nothing left to say;

Like the silent we carry on,

Sad, Depressed we roll along,

No one sees how we feel,

No one sees what is real,

They only believe the wrong:

Our voices cream inside our head,

Wishing we were only dead,

We sit here hopeless,

We pray here faithless,

Hoping god hears the words weve said;

Ignorant they walk by,

They turn away with a sore eye,

They descriminate us,

They say we only raise the fuss,

But they never see us cry;

So we will lay here and wallow,

With the words we will swallow,

Wishing we could save ourselves,

Wishing someone else could help,

But sadly theyre empty and hollow.





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