This is wrong


I feel you slipping through my fingertips 
And I know why 
You used to be attached to my hip
Was that just a lie 
I thought you thought I was different 
I know you are
But to you what am I? 
Why has this come so far 
And still no real answer 
Still me wanting to know but not letting go 
Of this fear 
That you won't want me like you wanted me last year
I wish i could change it
Rearrange it so that you could know now
The things I've kept down
I know I'm cold as ice 
I know before I was nice 
But that doesn't matter now
You used to turn my smile upside down.
But now I mean nothing
So what am I supposes to do 
Just sit here and take this never ending hell from you
I thought we had something
Maybe I'm drawing conclusions of things that weren't that much
But if they were such little things why do I think about them so much
The words 
The hurt
You come 
And change its worth
But now your gone 
And theres pain
This is wrong
I needed you so bad 
But it seems you've moved on
And I'm broke 
And I'm crying
The isn't a joke
There's no denying.
I miss you
Now I'm stuck without you
 Stuck with this distant attitude 
If only you knew
The truth
That she never loved you 
But I almost do.
Maybe things could've been different
But I guess right now we'll never know...
I had a dream the other night
You were holding me tight
I felt your arms around me
Everything was safe and soundly 
You even said you loved me
And I couldn't breath 
Too bad I had to wake up
Cause I would've loved to stay there peacefully.
But it doesn't even matter
Or does it
Is the universe trying to tell me to love it 
To love you
Despite all this crap I've been put through 
It's not your fault though
You never wanted me to go
Then again I wasn't exactly there
I was too lost in your stare 
But we'll never know now
I think it's clear 
You've found someone else now. 
I think it's clear 
I've only let myself down.


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