The Best We've Ever Known

When you say "Goodbye, I love you,"

I just wanna take you away 

and show you a better place

than the dashboard and the faces

people make.


Because they're all crazy...but baby, you know I couldn't love you more.


When you walk away,

the scenery fades and I am led astray

by the wind that whispers 

cold and clammy words right to my brain.


But it's okay, I'm just crazy... you know I couldn't love you any more.


When your face is stained

with tears of pain,

your smile fades

to remnants of a day

when we would laugh and we would play.


Sometimes I have to hold your hand. 

Sometimes I have to make you laugh.

Sometimes I have to leave you all alone.


But those times are the best I've ever known.

Oh, they're the best we've ever grown.


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