A mended or Broken Love

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 11:12 -- Dejajp


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Love life
love hard
times move on
whether you were a part of them
at all
can't move
so stop trying
hearts bleeding
eyes crying
there's an expiration date
on the faith that keeps this alliance
building character
to react in silence
listen to what's true
not what's artificial
a heart in the middle
with our initials
writing your name
in permanent ink
in my notebook
with a broken pencil
is that what our love is?
a joke, because I won't
boast just coast on the things
that use to be ours
or mine
since I lost myself in time
to completely understand
the fine that love can cost
too much for me to pay
I'll be paying for life
but intil then I must sacrifice
a heart to a knife
or lose internal life
inferno is what our love
means to me
but maybe you have
to experience a mended or broken love
to feel what i see



Cool poem very different from any others ive read

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