Thu, 07/15/2021 - 20:58 -- Ginnary

I see your very tired 

Life and love has beaten you down

The days have grown long and I want to hold you in my arms

They say hurt people hurt people

Unknowingly I hurt you

Knowing now I want to replenish that what I took

Although I can’t take it back

I will work to get us back 

Washing away the bad taste My thoughtless actions left

Allow me to fill you back up you’ve poured so much into everyone else with me not being exempt.

Allow me to make it all up. 

My actions let you down my words are all I’ve had but when you come back I’ll show you the matches to every word I’ve spoken of my love and undying devotion. 

You are very tired 

our love story I’m not ready to retire 

your the hero I desire 

my need for you is deeper than my fears 

Come home to me 

I’ll make up for all the pain

Never want you to go away 

Allow me to wash away the wrongs I’ve done 

Allow us to grow stronger from the unnecessary problems I had begun

I could be asking for too much

I might be asking for too much

I just need you

Feel my love 

My love let me fill you back up

Can’t undo what’s been done 

Let me make up for all that I’ve done

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