Love prt 2


United States

Swinging on a flower petal, I

Wrap my legs around it’s thighs and cry

Welted and darkened stares

Lost in the huge world of Anywhere.


Across the ocean I sat alone

On a petal rested and untold,

Upon a chunk of rock I called my Home.

Yet, it was then I saw

A diamond, untouched and raw


Left to my demise I tried

To craft the diamond into a prize

That I could use to succeed in a world

Where people tend do die alone.


The harsh winter gave me time

To bring this diamond up to size,

Molding the delicate sides

Intricate corners and dimensions to create, 

the perfect boyfriend i would date,

Living in this world I find, that not even a diamond would be enough to give me life.


It sat glowing softly that spring day

The sun’s highlight embedded on his face

Yet the sun always sets, “the day comes to an end” as they say.

The day may end, but my emotions still stay.


To this day, my flower has died

My island has sank, my heart has dried.

As the sun may always rise, the moon has stayed

Because the sun never will rise in the same way.



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