Love Better Than You F**k

I hold her hand as her world liquifies through her eyes,

I listen as she narrates the lies,

Recreates their lows and highs. How time flies,

Only yesterday he said, "Surprise"

Proposing to her, that was so wise.


I feel the wetness of her sorrow sink through my shirt on to my skin,

I imagine the wetness of her pleasure all over his love skin.

The pain, the pleasure, the oxymoron that has been,

We are so keen,

To bring dear sweet feelings to hearts so green.

The pain to the spleen when all that, is time that's been.


I cradle her and wish to the creator of all above, below and in between,

I say "Creator of all that is and all that's been,

Splash this girl's pain across your big heavenly screen,

Deny yourself if only for a moment all heaven's serenity and tranquility,

And let her anguish be seen and felt by all with the ability,

For emotional agility."


Her mouth, now a grotesque instrument through which only pain oozes,

Parts and all that leaves are more juices,

Horrors of how he uses and abuses and refuses

To let the bruises,



She cries, "When we met my heart was thunderstruck,

On him I was stuck,

But before I let myself go I asked if he could love better than he could fuck,

And he said, 'Darling any man who who loves worse than he fucks is a schmuck

Who only belongs under a truck.'"


She remembers the day he came home a slave to liquor,

Swaying from side to side like a rocker,

Only he, that night he, wasn't a lover but a fighter; a kicker,

And she, hammered physically, emotionally, sexually,


With nowhere to run, to turn,


Only had to turn to herself and therein she found an artificial barn.

In there, her heart, body, soul didn't burn,

In there her heart didn't churn at the thought of who she had become.

In there she didn't hate herself as much as she did out here.


As I watch what used to be beauty,

Now metamorphosed into an unrecognizable wreck of all misery,

In my mind a question lingers for the Almighty,

And though I am not into blaesphemy,

I can't fight the query,

"God, do you love better than you fuck?"

Because if you do, unfuck this girl,

And love her once more.









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