Sun, 10/05/2014 - 14:38 -- gb12197


Beyond the face there is a brain.

It may not always be right,

It may not always be sane.


Beyond the eyes there is a vision.

What I wish I could see,

All the things that are missing.


Beyond the breasts there is a heart.

It wants and it needs things,

But it doesn’t know where to start.


Beyond the past is a future.

I want to be better.

For the past, my dreams are a cure.


Beyond today is tomorrow.

Will it be happy?

Or will it again be filled with sorrow.


Beyond your expectations, there is a person.

Not perfect, not an object, not a toy,

Not always happy, and sometimes hurting.


Beyond the act, are the people I’m doing it for.

I strive to be the things they want,

But underneath I am so much more.


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