Deep Hurt


I was blinded by what I thought was love
But now I see as clear as the deep blue sea
I thought what we had was real 
Suddenly it became clear that it was a lie
You fed me these words 
Words that I held on for dear life
They meant so much to me
But these words later became pain 
Every lie you told suddenly broke my heart 
Day by day it seem like I am loosing myself more and more
I don't understand
Was I that naive to believe and trust in you
I had your best interest at heart 
And in me you just needed to get what you want
Your selfishness destroy the little faith I had in you 
I feel as though I am falling into a deep darkness 
I cannot see and its all because of you
The bull you fed me became apparent
I was merely some conquest on your walls
You penetrated the most sacred part of me 
Now I am left vulnerable and weeping in the dark
The unbearable pain I call love 
Because I once thought what we had was true love
When it was just a game to you
I allow you to play me like a lullaby 
Listening to every soothing words
Sweet sounds of nothingness into my ear 
Wrapping me in a warm blanket of lies
As you rock me against your body to only be release to the fearfulness of the dark night
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