Do I know you?

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 14:46 -- NSeguin


Do I know you?

The words you pronounce 

are so ugly and dirty,

But you say they fit me just


Do I know you? 

No, I do not 

but here I am lying on the floor

begging you to stop

Those eyes you flash hide so much pain

and for a moment I wonder if we're the same.

I cower in the dark 

not wanting to be seen. 

Those voices I hear tell me I'm insane,

they curse and they scream not wanting me here.

My heart beings to stop,

my eyes begin to drop, 

and for the first time in my life 

I'm happy. 

I ask you out loud with a voice oh so soft, 

"Do I know?" 

And then it all stops.





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