Hazed silence/


Hazed silence of the drip of water/


Hot steam trails that hit the frigid pavement/


Heavy pants of closure  

cascading the cradled vivid marks/


I did it again

I did it again 

I did it again 

I knew this would happen

I did it again

Whispers that rewind/


Engulfed so quickly 

by the strike of the match/


Too afraid to let it go/

Endured the heat/


Longing of the warmth sense/

Craving human touch/


Hazed screams and yells/


Hazed silence/


Black skin/ white tares/ 

Red lines/ Permanent change/


Burnt/ fingers/

Burnt fingers

Burnt fingers won't recover/


Won't recover/ Anytime soon/


Ignition switch to the fire/ 

Flung into it/

Run into it/

Didn't wanna be saved/


Burnt fingers can't feel trust/

Burnt fingers can't feel love

They can't feel the touch of sheets that I wrapped you and me in/


Held on to the flames/

Until my tips had charred/

Was it worth the pain?/


Was it all in vain?/


Was it worth the scars?/


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