Abigal's Sun


A genuine lust of morning's
There I slumber, and ponder
About the tresspassers of the day

And the smell of the roses fill the
Cream cooled air of my mind
While my arrival is very slow and timed

As I wipe the dried crust from my sober
Yellow eyes
I stare into a mirror
And there sat the Lilly ,and my happiness
As I begin to fix the safari
In my hair

I ponder at my dreams and the
Fantasises of the day
Will my boyfriend take me on a date?
Will this day be the perfect mate?
But this is a journey, that is slowly

By the passions of arousel
Upon Heaven's door,
But I slowly begin to adore
The simple moans and groans
Upon my mother's door

Ah, my beauty galore
There the wind blows the
Drapes into a imaginary
Solitude of pleasure

The bumping of the wall stops
And the sounds of anger
And the damned stormed my mother's voice
By choice, she was divorced into the
Insanity of unsistainible pleasure
And beauty

And there was I?
Questioning the charm of my mother's
Complaining about non satifaction nor
Subliminal signs
She stormed out her room unsatisfied
And rather nude

My step father cried forgiveness
And the tainted poor fool
Worshipped my mother as a woman
Sitting upon the devils stool

But at the peak of my sensation
The arousel became stronger,
The attraction, to him made me
Want to show mild comfort
But maybe it's wrong of me
To try
While having a boyfriend while going
In stride

I stare wildly into the air
Having the fantasies of me and him there
But I'm trying to remain fair

Hours have passed and my mother
Has disappeared
Apparently, to earn the extra cash on
Account of loosing her self control
Of walking the streets

Pleasure, the filling of mutual
Skins feeling the air,
But this is maybe why she left me

There I sat watching TV on the flare
He walked with the cutest smiel
That couldn't compare
He asked could he sit

And I'm no fool to deny the request
To comply we conversated
For a while, and in the blazing moment
I kissed him upon his lips

As a steer he pushed me back upon
Ravishing the clear
The look in his eyes told the story of
Fires spreading across his heart
He wanted it more and more

He grabbed me close and could not
I could do nothing but to surrender
To the chizel of his chest
The sweat upon his lips and the arousel
Of my sun

His grip tightened as he slowly undraped me
There the fire spread upon the couch
So deep
So intense
So perfect

The beauty of watching his sweat
Dripping deep into the emotions
While I scream the agony of sensaiton
The deeper it grew the passion
The pain, The taste of spiritual
Madness grew inside me

But am I wrong?
For tastingthe flesh of a man
For wanting pleasure at the price of sand?

And the band begin to speed up
Faster and faster until the sun erupted
And we both set over the horizon
And in silence my heart begin to
And the door opened slowly while I was
Bare and undraped

My mother stood with anger and jelousy
Nine months passed upon the devil's stool
I became pregnant upon the sun
And my fool.


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