What to do with all the hurt?

When inside you're fit to burst.

You're supposed to be so strong.

You're supposed to not be wrong.

Put a face that betrays the truth.

Give an air of being aloof.


Rejection in the friendliest of terms.

Keep the peace, don't make them squirm.

Sensitive and alert yet it doesn't hide the hurt.

Expectations followed by predictable commiserations.


Ignoring the gut.

To not be stuck in a rut.

Make the best.

Put it to the test.

Shit, I deal with the rest.


Take a chance.

Give it a shot.

No regrets to live by.

No regrets to stand by.

Oh, wait, I think one just flew by.


Be patient they say.

There will be a day.

When someone doesn't walk away.

They like you for you.

They will be true.

They'll understand you.


Yet long are days alone.

Am I not allowed to moan?

You can't understand this raw feeling.

Stomach turns like acid peeling.

I like awake looking to the ceiling.

Waiting for that inevitable feeling.

This is now.


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