A Poem to Cheer Me Up When I'm Sad

It's been almost a year

And I'm still crazy

All of the memories you've left me

Haven't become foggy or hazy.

I hate you, God, do I hate you

And your perfect life

Leaving me broken in my garage--

You had no right.

I'm still haunted by you

And I want to scream

You're everywhere, in

Every thought and every dream.

I want to cut I want to bleed

I want to forget I want to be dumb

I want to be free I want to let loose

I want to be drunk I want to be numb.

I want to be beautiful

I want to be desired

I want to be loved

I want to be admired.

Living fast, dying young

Kicking ass and taking names

Having the most amazing time

With lovely strangers playing drinking games.

No more scars will join the others on my wrists

No more worrying and sleepless nights

No more insecurity and being shy

I will not give up without a fight.

You won't put me down, asshole, not anymore

I'm a celestial spirit that can't be contained

I'm a mischevious nymph that up to no good

I'm a wild animal that cannot be tamed.

I will ruin your life with a smile on my face

You will never forget me, for I am an unusual being

I am unforgettable, unavoidable, unfathomable--

I am a queen.

Watch out world, here I come

You won't be able to miss me

I am a force to be reckoned with

I surely will go down in history.



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