Healing and Truth Came


How can you truly know someone, by the awards they receive and the cheers they receive?
Is the love that is given to the child enough for them to fill the emptiness it feels.
The emptiness and sadness that it hides from the world.
Much is expected from this child and much is brought but she still feels like nothing.
A mother who doesn’t yet know how to show love, and certain events break the child
No connection to the hearts of other children, her open arms where never seen.
Anxiety about the actions that have to be taken just bring depression and nothing but walls are built.
Certain people see the love that burns and He who is everything free hers from her pain.
She is reborn again.

That which was pain is remedy for others who feel the same.
Every word is spoken with pure love and help is given to those who need it.
From every infliction she realizes what she is to do.
She illustrates and writes about her dreams and with his love she can live it every day.

Each hardship she overcame, even when she felt that this world was not meant for her.
She is fallowing her passion because no matter what others say she believes in herself.
No more pills are needed to feel artificial happiness, just when she needs the extra help to cope with her anxiety.
She found pure love and holds his heart though she never knew real love can ever exist from another.
Sure, there are blows that leave her with tears but all that she can do is wipe them off.
She turns the saltiness into sweetness with the help of Christ’s love.

I have to fight with all my might for my mother and me.
I can’t go one feeling like a failure because I know I’m here for a reason and I can help so many. My friends, community and my work is what I live for.
I know that all my dreams will come true and I am I have opened my eyes to the truth.
My love never ends and I know I am worthy of his love now.
I can go on leaving every day.


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