Thunder and Lightning

The shocking electric pulse,

Flowing through my veins.

I’m charged and strong,

Ready to fly,

Through the driving rains.

I drop a single bolt,

Then throw back my head and roar,

The entire world will fear me,

As I shake it to the core.

My rage is not yet quenched,

I will not stop at fear.

The world will pay for what I’ve lost,

Until my mind is clear.

My heart trembles and quakes,

Its brokenness won’t mend.

That’s why I throw the lightning,

So maybe the pain will end.

Signaling with a light show,

My roar resounds again.

My most deadly weapon,

Is the voice that creates fearful men.

I’m not quite done yet,

My show has only begun.

It’s time to let out the rage,

It’s time to have some fun.

I’ll stun the entire world,

With one enormous storm,

They’ll see me crackle far above

In my most pure form.

The world could have avoided this,

This infinite natural disaster,

If they’d only cared to help me,

A poor and lonely bastard.

They sealed their own fate,

The lightning rains down,

My roar is the thunder,

And the Earth is my crown.


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