Shampoo Bottle

I have advice for whoever is listening. It’s not very good but I’ill try my best. I hate it when a book ends and I hate it when I accidently forget to replace the shampoo bottle before I get into the shower. Words are hard but feelings are harder. If someone is hurting your feelings tell them to go the fuck away and then maybe they will. Or they won’t. If you have a hang nail don’t bite it until it bleeds. It hurts. Don’t smoke a strangers joint in the middle of the desert because it might be laced with cocaine. If you are clumsy I wouldn't’ recommend holding your grandmother's dog because chances are, you’re going to drop him and you will feel bad for another two weeks. You will piss off your father and he will piss you off but you’ll both get over it because it’s not worth arguing until 4 a.m. I’m not good at singing or making coffee or writing poetry but the point is, if a book ends buy another book and if the shampoo bottle is empty buy another shampoo bottle. Common sense is hard to miss but somehow you will miss and it will be okay.


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