For Him


Eyes can be deceiving and yours fooled mine

I thought I knew everything, but I guess I was blind

I was very naïve to believe you really loved me and I was stupid enough to let it drag on

The hurt I’ve put myself through to win your heart was the worst I’ve ever felt so far

But if you knew the sickness I suffered wasn’t from me, but you, it would change your perspective on things if you knew

After acting on feelings, you go and deny me so soon and I felt like I died when you did this wrong

I cared for you but you didn’t say a thing, and being me I tried to swallow my pride and move on

Today, I don’t care anymore

I don’t see how I could.

You never took the time to speak to me when you should have

And now I’m moving on looking for someone who’ll understand and give a damn.

Who’ll love me for the real me and not pretend you get me.

So I hope you find someone who cares for you like I did

Maybe she won’t be so livid when you hurt her

You’ve broken so many, you’ve conquered and toyed.

You’ve never felt pain

Have you ever felt the same?

If not, you’re just a boy

But regardless, my heart will keep beating though it is darker now

It will never trust you yet

It will never be there where you’re waiting right now, but unless your love for me was kept somehow I say screw it…

And good riddance



Being able to say what I needed to. It gave me power in a helpless situation. I was voicing the truth and though I might've hurt because of him as he was the inspiration for this poem, I can now say whatever it's done with now and I feel a whole lot better because of it.

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