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Once upon a time
there lived a boy
Raised in neutral conditions
Had a favorite toy
Didn’t have a lot of thing
That he could enjoy
Always been creative
And would never destroy
He grew up
In a Christian family
Knew how to pray
And already did it naturally
Knew about Christ and
About his love
Knew from little age
That devil is the enemy
Lived a good life
Never wanted glory
Loved his parents
And gave them all the respect
Did his normal house duties
Almost never been lazy
He had a paper with “to do” list
And every box was always checked
He took time always studying
all the homework was done
Never got bad grades
In any classes he elect
Never sagged,
Never got drunk
Seems like in his life
There’s nothing to perfect
As the time passed by
He grew much older
took his first young steps
into a manly life
lots of thing appeared to him
too heavy on his shoulder
He got sometimes depressed
And it caused him a strife
It caused him pain
That was deeper than the ocean
It was sharper than a blade
That was just freshly laid
But the real problem was that
He didn’t have enough devotion
For the One and Only God
By whom he was made
Yes, he did go to church
Yes, he did pray to God
Yes he did all those things that
An average Christian had
But all of those prayers were
Empty and automatic
He didn’t think of what he was saying
And his prayers became static
Next thing you know
He got married
Had kids, a beautiful wife
a big house and a good car
He got a good job
And amount of money that he carried
He forgot about Jesus Christ
And had no time to STOP
even more time
passed by
he's already a grandpa
You can't deny
your kids already grew
let'em fly
don't even think of stoppin them
dont even try
he thru his hand in the air
yellin out "thats not fair"
pullin out all his hair
fallin off a wooden chair
no more strengh knees are weak
haven't prayed for like a week
he didn't know what was goin on
but devil was playin trick
who would ever think of this
he takes a phone and calls his wife
she picks up and he tells her that
he'll cause himself a strife strife
she doesn't understand whats goin on
she says "whatever" and puts down the phone
it was their last talk ever
he takes a rope out of leather
stands up on a stool
ties the rope to the sealing
he can't resist the pain
his mind is peeling
he put the rope around his neck
took final look outside
gave out his last breath
and committed suiside
Boys and girls out there
Dads moms and grandparents
This is not a mystery
These events are transparent
You may think that this is fake
But this happens around the world
People damaging themselves
For their souls are fully sold
They be thinking dis a game
But life itself is harsh
Devil’s hunting people all over
Makin them walk under his march
You might consider looking over your life
Until you are full of hate
you might stumble just for a moment
But it already might be late
Just think about your faith
What you really believe?
What is going to be your future
And what will you receive?
Will you ask God for help
Or you will simply leave?
How will you spend your eternity
In pain or relief?
At the moment that you listen to this
You have a chance to decide,
Many people didn’t have it
For it was their time to die
Do you have the ticket to heaven?
Do you believe in the Holy Son?
Do you know where are you going?
Do you know what the Son has done?!

-DnA (Dead for sin And Alive for Crhist)


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

whether it's in the bible or reality

life is what you make of it

like how you made severall references to the bible

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