When I Write I Live


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When I write I never ask why.

I never had to think about it.

It always just happened.

But it wasn't until I noticed

That I write to survive,

I write because words can save lives.


Words will cut us open,

Make us bleed.

Words will keep us silent,

And leave us to for dead.

We leave so much unspoken,

We keep it all inside.

We don't want to say anything,

For fear of getting hurt.


There are days that I want to disappear,

Hide away and never come out.

I write because it is easier to do.

It is easier to tell a screen or paper a problem,

Than hear your voice and admit to the trouble.

A paper doesn't talk back,

It will take it all in.

It won't tell me what I live is bad,

It won't tell me my dreams are impossible.


I write to live.

I write to give others the words they can't find,

The words I struggle to find.

I write because I am alone,

With the echo of my mind.

I write because my words are my life.

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