Are You Okay?

"Hey.. are you okay?

I see the smiles that you fake

The hurt as you turn away

When you bite your lip and pray

Wish they'd tell you it's okay But nothing seems to stay

When the world only sees mistakes 

Like,for once can you give me a break?

You don't get all thats at stake

You don't know what today could make

the nightmares keep you awake

But i tell you it's okay

Cause God knows each word you'll say 

So when you bow your head to pray

Ask him to forgive your mistakes

And for your sake

Forgewt the pain and heartaches 

Listen when i say

You will be okay

Let him mold you like clay

He won't let you stray

By your side he'll stay

Forever and a day."

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please tell me how to improve my poetry~Seawolf

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