Innocent Girl

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 16:07 -- Jenny
Over and over they raped her
Made her feel as if she wasn't there
Touched her innocent body
Left her in despair
The night would bring for everyone beauty sleep
Yet for her it brought sweat.
Pain, hurt, misery in abundance
Kept her up at night
All those miserable times
Still go on
The thrist for happiness 
Has never been more intensifying. 
Come into the room with us...
They repeatedly said
She could've resisted
Yet decided not to
She could have said no
But went along with it
Was it fear stopping her from ending this
No one knows
Could life have been better?
Would she have been freed?
If she just said a couple of words
It wouldn't have went on for so long.
The scars never go away
There engraved in her heart
On her body
In the depths of her soul
Between the creases of her brain
The space in her legs
With her eyes she sees them in her mind
With her nose she remembers their scent
Hears her screams overflowing
Tastes the bitterness of her life
Touches them to push them off
Senses kill
In a world where she feels 
No one understands
Theres no light that can bring her joy
Neither the darkness can bring her more harm
Shes already been through it all
Is God watching?
Not knowing where to hide
Flashes surround her life
Make her dizzy with tears
Sleepless nights continue
There is no hope in the world
She's restless


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