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are you the reason i left?

are you the reason i dropped everything?

are you the reason my heart was shattered? 

yes you are 


you ripped my heart out of my chest 

you put it through a blender

you took a sledge hammer to it


you destroyed my heart

but im left here to clean up your mess

how could you do that?


you told me you loved me

i actually believed you 

i fell for you 


you only talked to me when you needed me

but your side hoes were the only ones you talked to one a daily

i guess you can call it murder 


or if your in my shoes you call it suicide 

i knew what you were doing 

i knew about the cheating and the lying


i didnt want to lose you so i never said anything

you would go days without talking to me 

that messed with my head


but now since we never talk we just stair 

into in the darkness that we all know is there 

goodbye from the one you used to love 


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