Emotion Sickness


Happiness and Joy errupt like a geyser at Yellow Stone,

Then heartbreak mopes in like a gentle rain,

Frustration and arger storm in as an army of rage,

Fear quakes through like my brain is Califorina,

Jealousy swallows my every action like a tidal wave,

All fighting to get his attention.


He's here! He's here! I'm looking at him! Joy...

But he doesn't like you back, remember? Heartbreak...

It's all your fault he doesn't, even if he is a jerk! Frustration meets Anger...

What if he won't even talk to me, or look at me anymore? Fear...

He likes them better, he'd rather be with them! Jealousy...

All zip through my mind the second I see him.


Sudden smile, sudden blush, sudden amazing, joyous rush!

Sudden remembrance, sudden frown, sudden defaltion, suddenly down...

Sudden fire, sudden heat, sudden displeasure, sudden retreat!

Sudden worry, sudden tears, suddenly horrifying, sudden fears.....

Sudden sting, and sudden glare, suddenly seeing I can't compare...

I feel the second we're face to face.


Your favorite song blaring at the holiday party, the same feeling when I first hear his voice,

That soap opera that always makes you tear up, the same feeling 2 seconds later,

That agrivating idiot who cut you off on the highway, same emotion 3 seconds later,

That mini heart-attack when you miss a step on the front porch, 4 seconds later,

Your co-worker who gets everything and infuriates you, 5 seconds later.

Then it all collapses on you all once.


You're drowning in a sea of every emotion you can feel,

Plus guilt, insecurity, disgust, and complete attraction,

You're drowning in a sea of feelings you can't get a grip on,

And soon your entire body is faint, and pale, and sickly,

This is happens when he comes back into my life...

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