Because I Love You...

I'd do anything you'd ask me to, because I love you...

Although, I asked for nothing in return;

But, for your love too...


Who is she! Why is she texting you?!

What does she want! Give me all your passcodes.

Are you telling her " I love you too...?"


What does she have that I don't?

I sat and looked into space;

As I wondered, tears started rolling onto my cheekbone...


You told me you would never do that because you love me!

Or were you just trying to spare my feelings?

My heart is hurting and he doesn't see...


If you love me wont you say something?

As I am walking out of your life for good.

I'll be better off without you anyway, you were good for nothing!


I am a queen.

I deserve the world.

My soul is pure, my heart is gold, and my aura is unforeseen.



My skin is blessed.

I know now that I am heaven-sent, life is an eternal bliss.


I now understand what it means to have a healthy relationship with people;

And, therefore I started to develop one with myself and the Lord.

My life is now peaceful.


Although, he treated me unfairely;

I have been uplifted and cleansed, wishing nothing but the best for him.

Now, the feeling of hurt is a feeling that comes rarely


I have found love within myself.

I am at peace.

And I pray every night that he finds love within himself.


Hello? Who is this?

And I know its you, for your voice can never go unnoticed.

But, why are you calling me?

We've been done for ages, and I knew you'd say;

'Because I love you... and you've been missed.'

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