Long After You Leave


You hold me close and say, "Don't fret."
"It's okay, I will soon forget".

I know the words are only in my mind,
But somehow this connection we have; it speaks to me.

Soon I will choke on tears and then asphyxiate.
My spewed words, flung of love, through hate;
They resonate and I cannot take this silence.

"Don't you know I love you", I shout.
"That is why I would never make those mistakes."
(Forgotten actions of drunken stupidity).

It has left you with nothing to say.

Promises never said aloud are broken now.
You hold my hand in the emergency room as
I squirm in anguish through burning pain.

Now it is the breath I couldn't breathe that remains.
It is that moment of silence that stays. Even, long after you leave.


Copyright 2014 T.L. Burton


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