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You promised a chance
A moment to prove,
To leave all out on the court
There is nothing to lose.
Yet alone here I sit
Observing, lightheaded, voice sore,
The encouragement failing
To help the team score –

It is not a punishment of attitude
Or failure
That I am confined to the side –
To watch the team labor.
All you have to do is put me in.
I will rise to the challenges.
Yet you sit pouting, and ignore me
While your favorite only damages.

You fail to see
All the pain you cause.
For all my hard work –
You only notice my flaws.
Nobody is perfect,
It is known to be true –
For every three I do right,
It is the wrong that you view.

Put me in!
It is all that I ask…
Your favorite is not performing
What is her task.
Yet here I stay
Doomed to watch
Hope struggle, energy die.
And we have lost –

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