Sat, 04/09/2016 - 15:11 -- Aerial

I whisper your name

But the wind carries it away

You're just a memory

Blowing free

Across the landscape

To light where you may

Or dare

Wherever you land

It just won't be fair

No matter where you go


I whisper your name

And like an echo it fades

Until it can't be heard anymore

Time heals wounds

And it opens them too

To bleed the pain away

I wanted you so much

I'm so glad you didn't stay

You can't hurt me now

I know the truth

You are not my lover

You were not my lover

You can't hide like you did

Your sins won't bother me

Faithful means nothing

Twisted hearts are your speciality

I'm so glad I'm free

Go on and leave me be


I whisper your name

Under crystal blue water

And just like the bubbles

My voice under water makes

You surface and pop

I've packed it in

I ain't doing it again

Not with you and maybe never

You smile at me and think you are clever

Talking out the side of your mouth

Don't you know I can see the Devil in you

I might be that stupid

But I ain't no fool


I whisper your name

That I've almost forgotten

I don't bother to wonder why

You aren't that important

In the scheme of things today

Crying would be a waste of water

You're no flower anyway

No honey for the buzzing bees

You're no breeze tickling the trees

You're many things

But none of these


I whisper your name

For the last time



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


Gabu Curtis

I whisper her name
And i just hope its the last time.

this piece made me cry


HeyGB-I read this long ago after you posted it...I meant to comment then...but... you lmow - "life" has that great big troublesome "IF" smack dab in the middle of it.  L "if" E - and my own life, which is now much lomger than even my own predicted "expiration date" has remained EVER THE COMPLICATION which true life often is.  With that I say to you.... I live and breathe this following personal quote....





i hope all is well now with the passing of the very short time that we have to experience the things that we must to make what time we have here, all that it can be... even at those times in life - when we sometimes just don't "get why, what, how."


It's all about that damned "IF" in the middle of life!  I'm glad you enjoyed enough to share.

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