Forgotten Cloud

White and fluffy, soaring so high I am but a cloud floating in the sky There is no breeze to wake the trees And stir the air and the clouds like me  The sun is so bright yet it doesn’t burn For I am simply water that took a turn Nothing is quite special about us clouds I am always quiet, never too loud  We may only sit and move with such grace But we do not have bodies or even a face Not that I mind though it is a little sad When people look up with words so gad  So I think of all these things I can’t speak To ease loneliness which always steals a peak I hear the thoughts of the people below Some of the present, others long ago  Try as you might to cure my despair You cannot save me, I stay chained to the air With those pretty kites and your silly peers That you tell me about while I weep my tears  But who could imagine and who would care? For I’m a mere cloud – floating forgotten up there 

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