Confused and Alone

Staring out at the rain

My heart shattered inside

It’s the end of the world

Where I felt alive

My heart is on empty

Hopeless, alone

Lost in a world that had seemed like my own

I’m unsure where to go

Know that I can’t go back

Want to forgive

But can’t ever forget

You were who I looked up to

Who I was closest to

You were my rock when I was adrift

I told you my hopes

Sang you my dreams

How could you ever do this to me?

Was I not there enough?

Did I not care enough?

Does your life mean less to you than it does to me?

I stood by your side

Watched you day and night

Made sure you were alive

Breathing, all right

But now you are so many miles away

And I don’t know if you’re coming back, though you say

You say that you will, but I know that you won’t

You’re reluctant to come home, you’ll be all alone

At least down there you have someone with you

But I gave up two years of my life to stay with you

I’ve grown up more now than I was back then

I see the darkness that you’d hidden within

You’re so different from the way you were when he died

And now you’ve given up to be by his side

It’s only a matter of time before I’ve lost you both

I just hope for our sakes that we’ve mended what you broke.


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