Thrive to Survive

Society. It drives me. 

Family. They guide me.

Money. It rules me. 

Fear. It consumes me.

Hate. It alludes me. 

Desire. It fuels me. 


Frustrated. All the time. So much that it's my attitude. 

Positive outlooks got me looking around for something new.


Darkness. It surrounds from my head to the ground.

Silently I scream like no one's around.

If you ain't got money, you ain't got nothing,

but you need money for an education for a job.

Ain't that something?



The system is flawed. My body shuts down. 

There are days when I wonder if I'll escape this small town. 

To achieve, to dream, to be something bigger.

I cannot fathom my desires, but I figure

if I wait just  a little while and have a little patience

that maybe the universe will shine down some of its greatness

and bestow upon me something shiny and new

and these years I've spent crying and dying on the inside will be through.


Dreams won't fizzle, but will bubble and float

up like clouds and become realities, but I'll refuse to gloat.

Instead I'll help others like those who've tried to help me

and maybe then I can ease the pain for somebody

else who's growing up and feeling the same feelings.

Money problems from birth to now have got their heads reeling.

Some have told us success is everywhere if we'd just take a look, 

but the farthest we've ever been from home is inside a book.


Plato. Jules Verne. Anne Rice. Stephen King.

The world keeps telling them that money's the only thing 

that's gonna help them

and I know just how they feel

growing up in a society that pretends poverty isn't real.


Government assistance can only help so much,

 but when the money runs out you run out of luck

and it doesn't matter whether you've gotten your degree,

 which is what happens to be the very case for me.

I've gotta keep pushing and trying and keeping on

 to bring my dreams to fruition and to another echelon. 


We're all dreamers, but we can't give up. 

We don't try, our dreams die and passion dries up.

What becomes of us when we lose dreams foretold?

We wind up in nursing homes; frail and bitter in our old age

filled with resentment and rage of the situations 

and people in our lives

wondering why we're still alive,

cursing every single waking moment on this planet

because the best parts of our lives didn't happen as we planned them.


Imagination is one of life's most precious things

so let your mind swim leisurely in the joy that it brings.

Let it birth the children of your great ideas 

and bask in the fact it can defeat your fears. 


Wander aimlessly with your mind, but pull the cord.

Only wander as far as you can afford, but know 

boldness makes history and courage makes greatness

Celebrate your success because the doubters will be hating it. 

Know you matter and value your worth because

 you're the only kind of you that lives on this earth.

1 in a million? I think not.

 You've got something else that no one in this world has got 

and that's your mind.

It's one of a kind so be sure to put it to use. 

Always be the conductor and not the caboose.

Follow in your footsteps. Tread heavily on the earth. 

Be the one to make the waves instead of riding the surf.

Be noteworthy. Influential.

Value yourself and never doubt your own potential.

Dream big and believe it's what you can achieve. 

Decide to commit and commit to succeed.


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