the guard is up

The guard is up

No one can get in

No one can see what I feel

I don't want to see your face with pity clear upon it.


I built this guard many years ago

When you shattered my heart

And didn't look back

Now all you do Is rap

About how your life is trash

And if you didn't shatter my heart you would still have me in it


One day you will see

How you messed up your life

Messed up mine

Forced me to build this guard

So I would never be hurt again


Where did my brother go

He surrendered to peer pressure

Gave into the drug

Ruined our life's in one blow

Ran out on his family

Didn't even look back

At his sister

Who was only ten at the time


She was just a little girl

Who got hurt by her brother

Used to cry herself to sleep at night

Because she missed her super hero


That boy who was six years old

when I came into his life

He wore the shirt that said

"I'm the big brother"

He was so proud

So happy that I was here


He could care less


I built this guard because of you

I opened my heart to you

And you shattered it

I need my super hero

I was ten years old when he went missing

He is still around he somewhere

He just lost his way

And his enemy appeared


He broke my heart

Made me push everyone away

Kept my feeling bottled up

Tore my family apart

Made kids look down upon me

compared me to your enemy


The boy who lost his way in 8th grade

Gave into peer pressure

Does drugs



Only cares about his friends

Doesn't care about his sister

who misses her super hero


The boy that looked over her

Played with her

Hugged her when no one else would

Made sure she never cried

Told her to be her best

Because that's the best anyone can do

Or else

Your lives

Yours dreams

End in just that one blow


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