Im Lonely

Sun, 05/17/2020 - 19:21 -- Kbliss

It's Funny...

If you show you don't care

people start to beleive it.

they start to hurt you

then they leave you

Then your laying there cold

tears fall down your cheecks

mama will promise it will be ok

but you keep screaming on and on


I'm still here, Im still here


Im sorry I seem clingy, needy

i just didnt want anyone to see my pain

I don't feel like I belong here

My past haunts me

scared of hello

I open my arms to goodbye

some days I question my life


Im still, Im still here


My lungs still breathe

My heart still beats

but for some reason my love doesnt grow

for my heart was already made of gold

but now i want to go to the sky

Im so lonley here. 


But, Im still here


Promise you won't go away

I want you to stay

Promise we won't be predator-prey

But to be honest, t feels like this is the 

wrong place, wrong time.

I show you my feeings

you call me a mess

I can't promise that i'll ever be ok

please don't run away

this silence does not mean im gone

Just ease me

im living in a place that is full of evil

so help me, be my friend


Im still here just lonley. So alone.



This poem is about: 
Our world



Fantastic poem. I really like it and the emotion portrayed in it. Keep on writin'. 


Thank you!

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