Life of Mercy


United States
39° 5' 37.7088" N, 76° 47' 28.8816" W

Your love was intangible, out of my scope
Joker, u desired nothing more than to create a fool out of me,
Like the tongue that gets burned from the yearn of hot tea
My intuition was right yet i was blinded by faith that you'd not decieve

This work will not have the fancy metaphors
The imagery and irony that poetry is famous for
There will be nothing to bring down tears
Except for yours

I'm notorious for my forgiveness
I call myself mercy
Mercy mercy, may the lord NOT have on u
May u reap what u sow in the earth, see

Your deceitful demeanour demeaned our bond
You bent and broke the rules it was built upon
And afterward u tried to shift blame on me cuz i was acting different
Only because my intuition spotted that your love was just an imagined figment

And I
Played into your plans and ideas of you having two
Two is always better than one except when both leave you
I mean who wants two irrelevant irregular relations of mediocrity
When you have the means to meaningful admiration with built in reciprocity

And when i assert my fury and ferocity
Warnings alarms and bells will turn to whispers
And for a brief second at a roaring velocity
It will hit you that your biggest flaw was your bronze zipper

And the darling that you were to protect got bruises and scrapes
She's lost her innocence, now aware of emotional creulty in her wake
These are the words to remove the double edged silver smooth decorated sword
That made her bleed out with tears stress and pain that released from her glass composed core


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