These heavy hearted warriors 

With medals on their wrists  

These sadness stricken gladiators 

The world can not resist.                    


They fight their daily battles 

With reflections of themself 

They tuck away their sorrow 

Like the books upon a shelf.                    


They do their best to hide it 

The writing on the wall 

But even they can’t fight it 

When they hear the battle call.                    


So come my wounded brothers 

And my sisters filled with sin 

It’s time to face our demons 

The war will soon begin.                     


We have no fear of failure now 

Our armor is too strong 

It’s made from skin of scar tissue 

We’ve been building all along.                    


So cry your tears of acid 

Let them seep into the earth 

For every time a brother falls 

A sister will give birth.                    


A crying little baby 

With a secret little trick 

A mind that’s like a hurricane 

But no doctor thinks he’s sick.                     


So come and join the battle 

There’s always room for more 

For every day we find someone 

Clutching pills upon the floor.                   


So Rest In Peace to all the friends 

I’ve lost along the way 

My only hope is when I die 

We’ll meet again some day.                  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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