2 Steps to Betrayal

Thu, 03/17/2022 - 19:39 -- Zanies

     I trusted your words

I liked to beleive you liked me

my stomach feeling like it's twisting inwards

knowing the truth I flee

your trickary came in sets

words entered my head

only to break my neck

     I know my texts will go to read

so I sit quietly

you ask what's wrong 

your sweetness, I don't trust that

I'll treat you like a regular suspect

     You don't deserve my love and hugs

your actions, slimey and disgusting like a slug

I could honestly care less

you didn't break my heart

but I'll still be heartless

for you lied and broke my trust

so our friendship can't work

like a roller coaster with too much rust

     You will feel the cold

and don't ask for my warmth

you can never again make me smile

because you say you want me

but it's easy to see, you need her

I'm not worried bout' you either

     I never fell in love with you

but a future failed is so much worse

the way you called me by your last name

while intending to drag my heart in a hearse 

how dear you treat me like a game

how dear you plan with me and sleep with her

how dear you want me to bear your children

how dear you almost have one with her

how dear you make yourself my dream

how dear you make reality crash on me

how dear you make me say

"I had to take 2 steps away"

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