Spitting Out Emotions with Words

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 19:14 -- Tabtila


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Anger. Hatred. Jealousy. Tears. Happiness. Joy. Glee.
For all the emotions the world throws at me, I write.
I write when I sit in a class that's getting too hard.
I write when my mother and father scream at each other, another fight.
I write when I'm alone again, the friends I loved have left.
I write when my new nephew was born.
I write when my nephew was diagnosed with cancer.
I write when I graduated with high honors.
I write as I sit in this dark room alone and cry because I miss my loved ones.
Life comes with problems, it comes with hardships, it comes with ease.
When everyone else leaves and when I'm alone, I write, because when no one else listens, I am the only one to hear my words.
I take out my paper and sit myself down, and I speak, I talk, I spit my emotions out on the paper.
Poetry, rhyming and nonrhyming.
Has helping through the bliss and the whining.
Tears stream down my face onto my writing.
The spit from my mouth leaves marks on the paper, as I perform my speech.
My words will always remain my words, so i drench my papers with the emotional words that come out of me.
My poetry are glasses that help people see into my life, when I cannot explain anything about myself to them.
My poetry, and my writing, are who I am, and what I am to become.
Without writing, I am alone, and there is no one listening.
With writing, I am free to speak, free to do, and free to feel the emotions that overbear me every waking moment of my life.



I really liked your poem. I can say, i relate to your story. Thank you for posting this up.


Thanks! It makes me so happy that you read this, hopefully I can win the scholarship! And it feels good to know someone else out there feels the way I do too! :)

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