Adult or Child?


Am I still a child?
Still having to ask for permission when no one is around
And being told "You're grown", but always being shut down?

When I was younger I had no social life, but I'd find something to do
Like see a movie with my dad or bowl a game or two.
Now I'm nineteen with friends and a car
Plus responsibilities so I don't stray too far.

I maintain good grades and help around the house
Besides my music playing, I'm as quiet as a mouse.
So if I move out, what does it matter?
Stop talking about me saying meaningless chatter.

I'll try to branch out and follow my own trail,
But I'm always being pulled back.
I can't succeed or fail
With you on my shoulder or over my head
I may as well be brain dead.

I'm so afraid you'll mock my choice
I'd rather pretend to have no voice.

Never mind; go ahead
Say whatever you want
I'll just pretend to be nonchalant

I feel like the second I told you, I was out of your hair.
I'm starting to feel like you cease to care
At all; you're done
And that's alright, but please don't toss me out your life.

It's unfair.
Trying to live on your own, but getting this feeling you're all alone
Saying "I still love you", but acting a little cold.
I just want to live
On my own-- in a way
I want to grow up to be the independent woman you are today.


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