Mon, 09/01/2014 - 13:24 -- VickyD


(Before I was saved, This was me) 


Destructive ..
Unproductive ..

can't write poetry it seems
My mind is so mentally blank
It feels impossible
Raps on the other hand i can write at any time
There's another persona of me when i start to rhyme 
The one where I'm Inspiring
Making an impression 
But with poetry, i speak from deep inside
Deep in my depression
Deeper than i do when i rap
Deeper than anyone has ever seen
Poetry is the only thing that truly knows me
Physical pain distracts me from the mental pain
Mental pain drives me insane
Insane is the perfect word to describe me
Because I've always been stuck in the rain
Rain is a beautiful thing, its true
I actually love it a lot, i do
I guess i've just been hurt so much
Im starting to love that too
I don't know
I'm just deep in a hole
Looking up from the ground
A paralyzed frown
But a mechanical smile
Blank look of emptiness
But thoughts that run for miles


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