My heart's adventure


I let you take it
You were hesitant with it, 
Then you got comfortable 
Too comfortable 
You played with it,
You neglected it,
You used it,
You made a dent in it, and 
After a few more dents... 
It broke. 
But you kept going, 
You gathered the shattered pieces, 
Tried to glue it back... 
Then you forgot about it, 
And when you remembered, 
You saw how ugly it really was. 
There was no fixing it. 
So instead of disposing of it properly, you decided to burn it. 
Burn it to ground, 
Create a light show, 
A bonfire, 
Then danced in the ashes,
And even tried to burn the ashes too. 
I watched you do the whole thing. 
With a smile. 
While I was turned to ashes. 


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