A Memory

My mind rolls back to that day.

Down in the south,

Where the air was warm

And when a breeze came, 

It was like heaven on earth.


My thoughts echo words,

The words said on the last day down there.

I think about the moment,

Sitting on the steps of the big, white building,

I made sure not to sit right next to you.

No more accusations were needed.


We had grown closer, 

Like really close friends.

I could talk to you about things 

And you opened up to me.

People looked at us a different way,

We laughed at the thought.


I remember that morning,

A coolness slipped through the air.

She asked about you and I

I reassured that there was nothing

But she didn't believe me.

We couldn't talk to each other,

At all.


The awkward glances,

The overwhelmed sighs,

There was a tension between us

And a hurt in my eyes.


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