2013 (Nothing has changed)


Its 2013 and nothing has changed.

I sit with my homies and brothers ever estranged.

Watching all these people looking at us as if we are to blame.

Its 2013 and nothing has changed.

Its 2013 and all is not what it seems, especially behind these fitted caps and and levi jeans.

Deep thinkers, intellectuals, philosophers all wear these fitted caps and levi jeans.

Still people walk past us because of our genes.

We are America's hoodlum, the root of all evil.

The media portrays us as criminals, animals, murders and rapists to all you people.

Its 2013 and nothing has changed.

Time and time again we state the the facts, but in the long run we stll get stabbed in our backs.

Stubbornness and ignorance of the truth seems to be endless.

So much that there may never to an end to this.

The masses refuse to refute their own ignorance! So all we can do is pray.

Sometimes I think it is a curse to be B L K in the U S A.

Its 2013 and nothing has changed


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