Drowning (Save Me)

Can you see her?

Did you know?

That this face is a mask,

that this person is a show.


I'm invisible.

Can't you see?

That this girl you love,

is not really me.


You ask me:

"Why do you hide?"

Well, I can tell you

it has nothing to do with pride.


The truth behind this act?

I'm scared of being hurt beyond repair.

I don't people in, not even close.

I act as if I don't care.


I've seen too much hurt,

too many broken homes and hearts.

I try to open up, I do.

But I don't know where to start.


I run from love,

from friends, from anyone.

Including one boy,

who understood me, the mask, and everything.


He's long gone now,

it's much too late.

Another act from a girl,

who only knows how to hate.


The consquences of this girl,

is no one knows the real you.

No one can see when you're drowning.

 Nobody can save you.


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