Love like a Lost Blue Hoodie

Too many nights my mind wanders

travelling to where my lost possessions are now.

Ordinary belongings.

A blue hoodie. Hairties. Pencils and pens.

Then instead of wandering to unknown destinations,

my mind wonders.

That blue hoodie of mine

maybe its okay that I lost it

So it could keep someone else warm.

Those innumerous hairties

perhaps its holding back something getting in another girl's eyes.

The many pencils and pens

just might be writing  stories, poems, love letters, songs

drawing blueprints

But my mind wanders again

until it finds falls into its nightly routine,

stumbling clumsily over you.

My heart quickens and my mind decides to compete.

You could be keeping someone else warm

shutting out the cold

You could be wiping away tears from another girls eyes

helping her keep perspective

You could be writing a string of poetry, editing a novel

laying out plans for the future.

That is when Mommy's words flash through my raging whirlwhind.

"Think on what you have, not on what you have lost"

 The thoughts lose the race it was winning.

I open my eyes, just to close them shut again,

but this time to think of something else

or to not think at all.


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