He had been poison in her veins
And she was insanity to his brain
They made each other sick
Whether it was the with love kind
Or felt bonded to a contract they'd signed
Knotted by promises
Following every ignis fatuus
The more they pulled apart
The more smeared became their art
“I love you” sounding like a droning epicedium
The affection level set at medium

Dropping like a brick
Their love began to sink
And they began to drown
Floundering after it down, down, down
Things would never change
They would always be this way

She comes up coughing water from her lungs
He, shivering, craving a warm hug
Laying in the sand
But never touching hands
They weren’t drowning for each other
They were for fear of never having better

They didn’t love each other
They loved being together
It meant not being alone
Never walking into the unknown
They avoided the recondite topics
Of his desires and her choices

Her blood was tainted
His thoughts had been twisted

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