On the edge of breaking

I smile when I want to cry
I laugh when I wanna scream
You wanna know why
 Because when I cry or when I scream
It's pushed aside like a child's plea
They ignore my pain, my sorrow and my scars
They pass it off as a joke
I am not a joke and I don't find my pain amusing
I don't believe my tears fall just so you can laugh 
and continue to break what little part of me is still intact
I am breaking but you don't see that I bet you'd see it when I'm gone
When the only thing left is the bloodstained memory of me
When I was just someone to laugh at and nothing else
I bet I won't be so funny then will I?



Wow, this is really deep, it hit home in a lot of aspects for me. Keep writing, you've got a gift, don't let it go unnotticed. 

Darkest Mystery

Thanks a lot for this it made my day

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