The Shadow

We are connected not by choice but by
some unbreakable law that forces me to carry you.

There are time when I enter the darkness and
for a moment I forget of your existence.
I turn deaf to the past screams you haunt me with
The images of hands and the feeling of pain and discomfort that followed.

But those moonless night are short and quick because then
The mocking sun blast its light over the horizon making you grow.
The light because so much that you grow and engulf me.
All I hear are my own child like screams begging for no more
to be let go, for my mommy to come home and save me.
Just to have my innocence back and forget the darkness of the shadow in my heart that refuses to let go.

I know that I am not the only person shackled to these shadows of the past.
Though you will never notice, too many around you
(boy or girl)
are stuck with that stain that will never leave
It will always be a constant chain that no matter the love care and therapy will never remove.

I'll live with this shadow
like always.
my only problem is...

Why do other's younger then me have to?


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