Our Hearts Would Break


There were times when I hungered for what you had.When I begged for you to see me.when it was not my mouth that cried, but my heart.When my spirit bore into yours, and kept a place there,like a hook in your side.  But you, a haughty man. A man with "morals". You could not come to my aide.you, with your head held high,could not humble yourself, to extend me a hand. You,  a "lawful" man. You could not offer me the truth. You, the self seeking man.  But blessed was the selfless man. the one with kindness and compassion. the discipled man who spoke to me words of life, and of love.the servant man who took me as his own.blessed is this righteous man, for he shall aquire true wisdom.blessed is this man who clothed me, who housed me.the one who believed in truth, and was not falteredthis man is the beloved man If we were all beloved men, then wouldnt our hearts break, brothers?Would we not seek out the broken, and give them our love?would we not seek out the lonely, and give them our companionship?and the tired and worn also. Would we not provide them a place to rest?Beloved men would not forget their sisters, their children.Their hearts would break for the least of these.Because that is what their Good Father taught them. Finally, let me tell this to you, my friends.The blessed man is the one who would humbly receive his blessings.The beloved man is the one who would receive his Father's love.A blessed man is one who would not be selfish with his gifts.A beloved man is one who would use these gifts to spread his father's love.these men, who would walk in this love and blessing are the real men.


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