I walk along the broken road

with no place to call my home

Surrounded by people, but I am unseen

I guess I’m lucky to be free to roam


He holds my hand and kisses my cheek

But I don’t feel anything at all

I know I never loved him

and he never loved me through my concrete wall


I wonder what will happen

When I become old and frail

Will I look back on my life with regret

because all I ever did was fail?


I had a dream of my final days

I was cold, weak, and crying

alone in my dream, I close my eyes

Knowing that no one cares that I’m slowly dying


They found me dead in my house

I told people I didn’t want to be in a coffin

But it was only more work to respect my wishes

All hearts were hard, none were softened.


There is nothing for me to work for anymore

It is all over and I was just a waste of air

I cry in my grave, lonely and cold

I look at the inside of my coffin and say one last prayer.



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